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Ad Astra

A commercial spaceship cabin for the year 2030

In collaboration with: TEAGUE Aviation
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Nate Chang
Carly Cheng
Casey Gustafson

As the feasibility for space travel grows, so does its potential for new commercial experiences.

The TEAGUE Aviation studio asked our 4-person team to create a concept for the interior of a commercial spacecraft in the year 2030. With civilians instead of professional astronauts, this cabin needed to accommodate a different user with different needs and expectations.
An 8-day journey from Low-Earth Orbit, around the Moon and back. A 4-passenger cabin with modular “soft-touch” dividers that allow for quick modifcation of the area, creating private and communal spaces easily.  

8 days
3 crewmembers
4 passengers
8’ x 15’ cabin
239,000 miles

How do you design for space—  without being in space?

Listen to the experts.

Let their experiences and stories inform our focus.

Immersion studies, like prolonged confinement exercises and Zero-G Neutral Buoyancy tests, give us an understanding of our environmental constraints.

Scott Kelly, Former US Astronaut
Scott Kelly, Former US Astronaut

Microgravity + Circadian Dysrhythmia
(Lack of Sunset/Sunrise)


Disorientation + Fatigue
Rigid Environment


Social Friction + Physcological Stress

How can a spacecraft interior promote personal agency and social unity in a confined space?

︎Space Travel is Physically + Emotionally Demanding

︎Public and Private Space Nurtures Collective Harmony



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