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Between the Lines


Between The Lines is an exhibit working to unpack the unspoken stigmas surrounding the female reproductive cycle from between the lines into candid, honest conversation. This exhibit informs and normalizes the stories surrounding periods and the struggles of those who menstruate.

4 months

For those who menstruate and those who don’t

Dana Golan
Sam Spaeth
Sahm Lee


Too many people who menstruate never fully learn about the processes their bodies go through while menstruating. The few lessons they recieve are loaded with stigma, shaming, and embarrassment.

This lack of education and sober conversation perpetuates the repressive and fearful social perception of menstruation. The social implications of these mentalities create real-world problems for menstruators; physically, emotionally, and socially.


So let's talk about it.


A 28-day exhibition, a full cycle


Seattle Public Library — 4th Floor “Red Hall”


All ages, all genders, all people


While covering the basics about menstruation, our exhibtion also focuses on the  hidden stories of what it means to live with a menstruating body.

Access to Products
How laws and politics affect accessibility to menstrual products. Menstruation in prison or homeless.

For All Who Bleed
The stories of trans and non-binary individuals who menstruate.
Social Erasure
Stories from those that have no chance to speak. Real-life stories about menstrautaion. From mundane to  unique.

Period Changes
An honest talk about pregnancy, the end of menstruation, and menopause.
First Period
Welcome to the club.
Here’s what you need to know, from soneone who just went through it.

Products, Waste, and Alternatives
Reckoning the effect of irresponsible manufacturing methods and chemical residuals in the environment and the body.

The Exhibit Space

The Seattle Public Library was our team’s choice due to the high potential of exposure for all people. Libraries act as an equalizer an a traditional symbol of the pursuit of understanding.   



The Full Tour

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